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Brand New...and just for YOU!!!

Rays of Hope has expanded its NETWORK of Helping Professionals!!!  COVID 19 has been a monster that many of us did not see coming.  We have been challenged, stressed, depressed, anxious, angry, confused, and exhausted... just to name a few. The need and DEMAND for Professional Support has increased exponentially!  I have worked very hard to Network with other Helping Professionals to meet the NEEDS and DEMANDS of our Families, Neighbors, and Communities.  

Rays of Hope has increased administrative support and is confident in the NETWORK support that has been established.  Please see more information about the Therapeutic and Counseling Supports in this drop down section.  I believe you will be as excited as I am to learn more about Kyla Neil, and Ahyana KIng!  Rays of Hope will continue to support up and coming students of the Helping Profession.  This year we will have an MSW student from Indiana Wesleyan University!

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