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Who We Are


is a place where

Individuals are EMPOWERED, and Families are STRENGTHENED!

Coaching and Counseling provided for

Work Worries, Marital Stresses, Family Conflict, and Individual Struggles.

Expertise in Postpartum Depression!

Expertise in ADHD!

Expertise in Family Dynamics!

Why Dana King-Butler, MSW, LCSW?

I am a Christian who works with Individuals, Couples, and Families of all ages and stages. I believe that a Healthy Individual contributes to a Healthy Family (your definition of family), upon which a Healthy Community stands, that we might all live in a Healthier nation.

I am confident that I can help you, or your situation. However, in the off chance that I cannot help you directly, I will gladly provide you with resources, and referrals. THANK YOU for taking the time to learn a little about me. I look forward to learning about you!

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